Saturday, October 23, 2010

GMR, Tammy & Alan First Timers

Hahaha! Just as I thought, Tammy climbed GMR for the first time and like I've been saying all along, she wants to do it again. That's the attraction of GMR, once you've done it, you wanna do it again! Alan did the ride too, I know he liked it although he won't thank me for the suggestion. That's cool, just getting a rider to do GRM is the reward, there aint no way a rider can't like it!;)

So Tammy started off strong, she vanished within a minute or so. Alan hung back with Gina for a while and I stopped to chat. Not sure if his Wheaties kicked in but he soon left Gina behind. I was even further behind after a couple of stops to chit chat with the famous bloggers Glendora Mtn Rd and BicycleFriends. While trying to catch back up to Gina, I ran into Pinoybentr. Now I was even further back but luckily Hillbasher was waiting up the road to tow me back up to Gina. Well, now that T&A have ridden with us, now they know that when we say Gina will be the last one up, we mean, Gina wil be the last one up haha! But she makes it!

Finally up to the shack then met up with Bong (sp?) and Jose from Rivervelo. Two studs returning fom the lifts. A few laughs at the shack then headed down. On the way I ran into Julius form AdoboVelo. Turned back upwards for a short bit to say hi and get a quick chat. Wow, what a busy ride today! Even met up with Jason at the start. He used to visit the forums but his racing may have gotten in the way. Payed off, he won the DeathValley race. Cool!

I tried a few new (to me) tricks in my video today. Let's see what happens.

Video below for space saver purposes haha!

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